puffy lace wedding dress

Be a Princess with a Comfy Puffy Wedding Dresses

Puffy Wedding Dresses can be stated as the most popular wedding dresses. This kind of wedding dresses can be found in many wedding ceremonies especially wedding ceremonies with modern concept. Many brides really want to wear these wedding dresses since these dresses not only can show the beauty of the brides but also the luxurious which signifies the special moment; wedding. In a special moment such as wedding ceremony, it […]

alexandrite ring

All about Alexandrite Rings

Alexandrite rings may not be as popular as diamond rings, ruby rings, or sapphire rings. But for the fans and the adorer of the stone, alexandrite is a really special kind of stone. Alexandrite is a type of chrysoberyl, a type of mineral that is also a gemstone. The alexandrite can be found naturally in a lot of place such as Nepal, Russia, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, and also Sri Lanka. […]

bridal rehearsal dinner dress

Wedding Rehearsal Dresses for Wedding Preparation

Wedding rehearsal dresses will be worn before the real wedding which is usually one or two days before the real wedding. Sometimes rehearsal is not necessary, yet if everything has been simulated beforehand, the wedding will be better. In this wedding rehearsal, both braid and groom will wear different type of outfit for complementing attendance, and the outfit should be different from wedding outfit. There are some characteristics of rehearsal […]

fall wedding color ideas

Wedding Color Ideas for Amazing Combination

Wedding color ideas is the important thing that will make your wedding more precious and looks amazing. If you want to make your wedding party as beautiful as you want, then you can combine the color in your wedding by yourself. Whether it is done by the professional in decoration, but you can request beautiful combination of the color in your wedding theme. When you do not have any references […]

gypsy sisters wedding dress

Unique Look in Gypsy Wedding Dress

Gypsy wedding dress is one of the part of unique wedding dress that any wedding dress designers can make. Thus, this type of wedding dress is a bit less popular than any other wedding dresses. Maybe, even some of you, out there, still a bit strange to hear this type of wedding dress. Do not worry, you will be hearing this kind of word and even seeing this type of […]

amora moissanite engagement rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is a rare mineral that is named after it is discovered by Henri Moissan. It is very rare in nature but these day it is synthetized in lab and it is used as jewelry. The moissanite engagement rings look like diamond and some of its properties even exceed the diamond itself. Because of its lower price it is often used as a replacement for diamond.For people who care about […]

lds wedding dresses

LDS Wedding Dresses: A Pretty Wedding Dress For Pretty Bride

LDS wedding dresses may be the one of the best choice of wedding dresses for you who want to show a different shade of wedding ceremony to the guest. With the perfect companion of stunning wedding shoes and elegant accessories, using this glamorous wedding dress will add the contemporary and modern feeling in your wedding ceremony. Made from the finest materials and the expert craftsmanship to form this high-style wedding […]